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07/16/2021Press Release

Visby Medical Makes Strategic Hires to Continue Business Development

Visby Medical appoints Mark Ibison as Chief Financial Officer, Christopher J. Jowett as Chief Commercial Officer, and Alicia Zuiker as Chief People Officer

(From left to right): Chief Financial Officer Mark Ibison, Chief Commercial Officer Christopher J. Jowett; Chief People Officer Alicia Zuiker.

(SAN JOSE, CA), July 16, 2021  – Today, Visby Medical, a leading medical diagnostic company, announced three strategic new hires – Mark Ibison as Chief Financial Officer, Christopher J. Jowett as Chief Commercial Officer and Alicia Zuiker as Chief People Officer. All three will join the executive leadership team to address key areas of growth and development for the company and its signature diagnostic tests for COVID-19 and sexual health.

“In the last year, Visby Medical has seen exponential growth with our innovative PCR technology,” said Adam de la Zerda, CEO of Visby Medical. “We’re delighted to have Mark, Christopher and Alicia join the team as each of these leaders brings unique experiences and acumen that will help Visby achieve its business goals.”

Mark joins Visby Medical from Mesa Biotech with vast experience developing effective financial models to drive performance improvements. Before his role at Mesa Biotech, he was previously the CFO for SOLVD Health, Vice President of Finance for Thermo Fisher Biosciences and Vice President of Finance for Thermo Fisher Microbiology. With over 20 years of global finance experience in the biotech and diagnostics industries, Mark has demonstrated his ability to advance and sustain Visby’s financial health and will greatly succeed as the company’s new CFO.

Christopher joins Visby with in-depth knowledge of the diagnostics sector and over 30 years of sales, marketing and operational leadership experience. He was previously Vice President of Molecular Diagnostic, North America, at QIAGEN Inc., a provider of sample and assay technologies of molecular diagnostics and has held various leadership roles within Abbott Laboratories. Christopher has proven success in driving business outcomes in the diagnostics industry and will be essential to Visby’s growth as they continue to deliver new products and innovations.

Alicia will step into her role bringing over 16 years of experience in human resources – spanning organizational design and transformation, culture and talent management, executive coaching, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) expertise. Most recently, she held the position of Director People Operations, Customer Experience at Google, and prior to that she was VP of Human Resources at GE. Alicia will be crucial in helping build and define our culture, growing teams and fostering individual growth to meet our collective business objectives.

About Visby Medical™

Visby Medical has been working to change the order of diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease for a decade. Visby Medical has a single-use PCR test to rapidly test for serious infections. Tested, reviewed, and endorsed by top public and private organizations, the first commercial application of the Visby Medical technology received FDA Emergency Use Authorization in 2020 for moderate-complexity laboratory testing of symptomatic patients in the fight against COVID-19, and in 2021 for use in settings with a CLIA Certificate of Waiver. Visby is gaining government and private partnerships to accelerate the delivery of PCR-grade diagnostics, designed for use at the point of care, and eventually for use at home.

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