Fast, accurate results

True PCR results in under 30 minutes. Goodbye empiric treatment - hello data-driven decisions. No more compromising between speed and accuracy.


Enzyme-linked DNA detection provides a boost in sensitivity and enables colorimetric detection.

17 patents and counting

A tiny device, yet exceptionally big on innovation.

Tiny footprint

At ~3 by 4 inches small, it’s easily deployable at the point of care. Imagine PCR results at your fingertips, ending the need to send samples away (now you can bill for on-site tests).


Simply drop in the sample, slide the port, push the buttons, and plug it in. That’s it. The Visby Medical platform is a breeze to use at the point of care and requires little to no training.

No capital investment, no maintenance contracts

Be untethered from both! Is it instrument-free or cartridge-free? It’s both because it is all-in-one. No expensive service or repair contracts.

Streamlined — no separate instrument or cartridge needed

Elegantly simple, yet highly sophisticated, single-use design. That’s a big positive impact for a tiny device