“Visby is important to the world and to business, not only because it has achieved unbelievable advances in PCR testing and diagnostics in general, but also because it is a purpose-driven company — and that is the future. Visby is among the first in a new era of purpose-driven companies helping to ensure free enterprise builds a better world.”

    Peter Löscher

    Former president, Global Human Health at global pharmaceutical company Merck & Co

    “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital importance of very accurate, quick-response, single-use tests. With them, lives can return to normal both in developed and developing countries without causing numerous casualties. Visby’s team has shown how brilliant entrepreneurship can bring groundbreaking innovation in testing, not just for COVID-19, but for all infectious diseases, now and in the future.”

    Sir Ronald Cohen

    Preeminent international philanthropist, venture capitalist, private equity investor and social innovator

    “Visby has solved one of the most important problems in testing. Now the most extraordinary diagnostic technology, PCR, is simple and accessible. This is an enormous advancement in putting healthcare in the hands of people.”

    Rick Klausner

    Founder and Director of Juno Therapeutics and founder and Director of GRAIL

    “PCR, when appropriately applied, generates a highly sensitive and precise result. Visby’s PCR technology is so sensitive that it will pick up a signal that is likely to otherwise be missed. They have miniaturized PCR, validating it in the most rigorous fashion that satisfies both the compliance agencies as well as practicing physicians. This is a very important patient-friendly advance, which will lead to a new class of point of care diagnostics.”

    Dr. Shlomo Melmed

    Visby Medical Board Member, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Medical Faculty and Professor of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai