What patients are

    I feel like the consultation and the treatment part of it just kind of brings more connection and more trust because then it forces the doctor to know you, know your concerns at a better, deeper state. And it forces you to kind of have those talks with that doctor and maybe now you’re telling her well okay, or I thought this, but you know, you’re just more open to have that conversation.

    — Patient "M"

    Super fast! This is just like a better way to get your results and it’s not anxious….Knowing that you’re going to get the results, the same day—it’s a good feeling…feeling relieved.

    — Patient "G"

    It’s a good thing that I’m going to get the results before I leave.

    — Patient "K"

    A 10 out of 10 compared to the normal process for sure!

    — Patient "B"

    It’s a relief, knowing that I don’t have to wait. I can find out what’s going on, and then get treated right then and there. It’s just like one and done—which I think is perfect. That’s how it should be. Literally perfect!

    — Patient "P"

    That is the best idea ever! That’s just like awesome!

    — Patient "R"

    This works out perfectly!

    — Patient "W"

*These quotes are from women who have had STI(s) and who, in market research shared their current experience, were then shown the Visby Medical Sexual Health Click Test and asked how having an accurate result at the time of the visit might impact them. The test has not been used with these women. All images are stock photos, used for illustrative purposes only, posed by models.