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Point-of-Care PCR Testing for STIs: Advancing Urgent Care Diagnostics

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Glenn Harnett, MD,

No Resistance Consulting Group


The threat of SARS-CoV-2 has slowed considerably, STIs are back in full force – with a vengeance. Urgent care clinics are a likely go-to option, providing quality care in an efficient and convenient manner—and the added benefit of relative anonymity. Incorporating point-of-care PCR testing for STI can bring speed to diagnosis and STI management in Urgent Care settings.

Learning Objectives

In this video, participants will:

  • Review applicable CDC STI Treatment & Screening Guidelines
  • Discuss sexual health education strategies for STIs in young people
  • Examine the importance of timely STI diagnosis and appropriate treatment
  • Discuss definitive/directed antibiotic therapy vs empiric/presumptive treatment
  • Review the advantages of rapid, point-of-care STI testing in urgent care

Access Includes:

  • Video recording replay
  • Presentation Slides (PDF)

    About the Presenter

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    Dr. Harnett is the Principal for No Resistance Consulting Group, Trustee at UCA Urgent Care Foundation, and on the Editorial Board Member at The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine. He has practiced for 20+ years as an emergency medicine and urgent care physician. He is an active researcher and has been a Principal Investigator in dozens of clinical trials (both Sponsor-initiated and Investigator-initiated). He focuses on original research in urgent care medicine.