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Visby Medical

The power of PCR
in your hands

Results delivered at the point of care in under 30 minutes

The Only Instrument-Free,
Rapid PCR Test

Our rapid PCR tests provide accurate and reliable results for healthcare providers all across the United States. We are a medical diagnostics company with portable PCR testing technology that may be implemented in both clinical and mobile laboratory settings.

Visby Medical strives to make access to infectious disease testing as easy and as accessible as possible.


PCR results
in under 30 minutes


Portable, deployable, and scalable


PCR accuracy


No instrument,
no maintenance


No capital investment, no service contracts

PCR Results in
Less Than 30 Minutes

In a world where speed and accuracy in disease testing has become increasingly important, the efficient protection of public health depends on the delivery of fast and reliable infectious disease testing to affected communities as quickly as possible.

The Visby Medical portable, instrument-free PCR test delivers results in minutes, not days, making our PCR test kits a revolution in the molecular diagnostics industry.

The following are five key benefits to using Visby PCR in your lab or clinic, right at the point of care.

What is Visby PCR?

It’s a full 40-cycle PCR lab in an incredibly small package. It’s also fast, creating a whole new category at the intersection of accuracy, speed and deployability. That’s a powerful new force that delivers a new era in results-driven diagnosis and informed treatment, during the patient visit.

Medical Company
with a Human Focus

As a molecular diagnostics company, we recognize that there is always an anxious patient waiting. For that reason, we created highly accurate, easy-to-run, rapid PCR testing kits to help contain and control the spread of dangerous pathogens fast.

Our aim is to continue developing testing devices that are reliably accurate. The current lack of rapid PCR testing available to inform a timely and accurate diagnosis for the patient demonstrates the inherent need for the Visby Medical diagnostic platform.

PCR results to treat in the same visit. That’s a first!

Visby Medical reduced a ~6-day1 central lab wait time down to under 30 minutes at the point-of-care. You can walk into the exam room with the answer, patients walk out with confidence. Patient callbacks and loss to follow up may become a thing of the past.

1. STD Journal
5 feet
<5 inches

The biggest improvements are often the smallest.

Visby Medical shrank the traditional sofa-sized PCR lab-instrument down to the palm of your hand. Now it’s portable, and easily deployable, in a 5″ by 2″ device. Revolutionary.

Small and mighty fast.

Capable of identifying multiple pathogens from the same sample, the miniaturized Visby Medical PCR device delivers accuracy just like central lab instruments, only thousand times smaller and faster. That’s huge.

Surge capacity, without capital investment or maintenance.

Is it instrument-free or is it cartridge-free? It’s both, because it’s all-in-one, single-use, and disposable. Add more tests as your testing demand increases. Scale back as patient demand subsides. Order today and begin testing as soon as tomorrow.2
2. Depending on shipping.


To the agencies and entities that supported us, we are proud to deliver the next generation of PCR diagnostics.
At Visby Medical, we humbly believe our new diagnostic platform will become the gold standard among PCR point-of-care devices, by delivering accurate results in under 30 minutes to empower clinicians with data-driven results, while with their patient.

Are you ready to bring the power of lab PCR
to your point of care clinic?

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