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Visby Medical

Quickly calm your patient with answers.

Get point-of-care STI results in under 30 minutes.

Test, talk and treat - in the same visit.

For self-collected vaginal swabs


Delivers ~97% accuracy. See our instructions for use.


Results in under 30 minutes, while the patient is present.


Easy to use at the point-of-care; no extra instrument or maintenance needed.

Antibiotic stewardship

Avoid unnecessary antibiotics.

The Lancet
“The device is potentially the new gold standard for point-of-care tests for infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and influenza and coronavirus infections, in which rapid turnaround is key.” read more

Visby Medical PCR

Game-changing: The first true PCR point-of-care device for STI that’s all-in-one and requires no separate instrument or reader. Results available during the patient’s visit help to eliminate the guesswork of empirical medicine and patient callbacks associated with lab send outs. With the confidence of a PCR result, clinicians can prescribe the correct treatment and engage in a clear, guiding discussion with the patient.

Three critical targets

Our sexual health test targets three pathogens that, if left untreated, can cause permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive system, including infertility, or potentially causing fatal ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the womb). Fast PCR can help with early detection of these serious infections.


The most common reportable bacterial STI in the US2. Often without symptoms but is associated with significant healthcare costs, affects people of all ages, and is most common in young women.

2. National overview – sexually transmitted disease surveillance, 2019.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website


The second most common reportable condition in the US, this bacterial STI3, if untreated, may cause infertility. Babies of infected mothers can be infected during childbirth.

3. National overview – sexually transmitted disease surveillance, 2019. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website


Caused by a protozoan parasite, Trichomoniasis is the third most common STI in the US4, yet most do not realize they are infected. Trichomoniasis increases the risk of contracting other STIs, including 2-3 times greater risk of HIV acquisition5.

4. Microb Cell. 2016;3:404-418
5. J Infect Dis. 2007;195:698-702

How to use the Visby Medical Sexual Health Test

Less than 15 seconds of hands-on time. Results in under 30 minutes.

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Product details

Powerful and easy to use, point-of-care

LED lights

Indication lights inform testing operation status.

*See our instructions for use.

Powerful and easy to use, point-of-care

Sample collection port

An easy-to-slide switch secures the patient sample in the collection port.

*See our instructions for use.

Powerful and easy to use, point-of-care

Test control

A clear identifying spot that indicates test results are valid.

*See our instructions for use.

Powerful and easy to use, point-of-care

Quick, accurate results

With ~97% accuracy*, a spot next to the pathogen provides assurance that the patient sample is positive.

*See our instructions for use.


Visby Medical developed PCR easy enough to be used by almost anyone, in any CLIA-waived setting. Below are resources to help run a successful test.

Visby Health Sexual Health Test- Sketch

Interested in bringing the power of PCR to your clinical setting?