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Revolutionizing STI Testing for You and Your Patients

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Denise L. Sweeney, MD, FACOG
Associates in Women’s Healthcare
Life Studios Medical Group, CEO


Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates are at all time highs, and current STI testing takes too long and is not patient centric. Practices often must treat STIs presumptively while waiting for results, causing overuse of antibiotics resulting in patient morbidity and an increase in antibiotic resistance. Once testing results are available 24-72 hours later, staff must try to contact the patient, prescribe or change treatment, and spend additional time documenting.

Adoption of innovative POC STI testing allows for superior patient care, precise use of antibiotics for treatment, and adds an opportunity to provide counseling and preventive measures. Patients benefit from the right treatment for the right problem, and experience less anxiety and distress. Practices benefit from the speed and accuracy of testing, which results in staff efficiency of care and less time charting, allowing for more patient encounters.

Learning Objectives

In this video, participants will:

  • Review of the current STI epidemic and impact on patient health
  • Examine how innovative POC testing can increase efficiency and improved patient care
  • Assess how testing accuracy, deployability, and speed can improve your workflow
  • Evaluate how POC STI testing can provide clinical, operational, and financial benefits to your practice while increasing both the quality of care and satisfaction of your patients

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  • Presentation Slides (PDF)

    About the Presenter

    Dr. Denise Sweeney is an ACOG board-certified OB-Gyn specializing in gynecologic care. While attending USC as an undergraduate, she developed a love for teaching and outreach to the under-served surrounding community. This passion continued into medical school, where she organized medical students to visit local schools and teach sexual health (sex-ed).

    During residency, she started a gynecologic clinic for uninsured and migrant patients in Virginia that drew patients from throughout the state. As a native Californian, her “Spanglish” was an invaluable asset to the new migrant workers in Virginia.

    Upon completing residency, she moved back to California with her family, where she has spent the last 20 years practicing in the Sacramento & Roseville, California area. Dr. Sweeney’s practice has focused exclusively on gynecologic care since 2013.