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Visby Medical

The Visby Sexual Health Test was showcased during local news coverage on an urgent care clinic located in Madison County, Alabama. The ApproXie Urgent Care clinic was the talk of the county thanks to their recent switch to the Visby Medical test for Sexual Health, which according to the columnist provides “results faster than ever before.”

Mackenzie Romero, the director of practice management, was reported as saying, “It definitely helps in diagnosing. We’re able to treat the patients much faster when we know what they test positive for.”

For the 20 people a week that turn to ApproXie Urgent Care for STD testing, the prospect of shorter wait times can mean peace of mind — no more waiting multiple days for results.

In reference to the 2.5 million total reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis reported in 2021 Director of Clinical Operations, Haven Brolsma said, “Especially since 2017, there’s been a rise, and with the pandemic of COVID, it has increasingly gotten higher. Some patients don’t even have symptoms.”

According to WAAY31 TV ABC, “The CDC recommends STD testing at least once a year, which in the past could take up to a week for results. With new testing options at ApproXie Urgent Care, patients get results the same day.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Learn more about Visby here.

Reference article:  Madison County clinic offering new STD test with results in 30 minutes (Author: Nicole Zedeck, Sep 9, 2022 Updated Sep 10, 2022;

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