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Revolutionizing STI Testing for You and Your Patients

Adoption of innovative POC STI testing allows for superior patient care, precise use of antibiotics for treatment, and adds an opportunity to provide counseling and preventive measures. Patients benefit from the right treatment for the right problem, and experience less anxiety and distress. Practices benefit from the speed and accuracy of testing, which results in staff efficiency of care and less time charting, allowing for more patient encounters.

Advances in PCR for POCT to Address the Sexually Transmitted Infection Epidemic

In this on-demand video, infectious disease expert Gary Schoolnik, MD will present recent advances in nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) methodology, and instrument-free single-use PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in particular, that provides both accuracy and speed of results at the point of care. Such advancements for STI enables clinicians to make results-driven diagnoses for correct treatment, all while the patient is till at the clinic visit, for a more focused clinician-patient dialogue and teachable moment.